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The Down Market, An intimate observation of the culture creative lifestyle in San Antonio, Texas.

Our City is Changing.

We need a new journalism and digital media for a new emerging San Antonio and the state of Texas. In the past two decades, San Antonio has transformed itself into a world-class culinary, art, and cultural destination. San Antonio is so much more than the River-Walk and The Alamo. This city is full of brilliant minds with diverse backgrounds who strive to create, collaborate, and educate others about what our city really has to offer, beyond what can be found on Yelp. The Down Market, does exactly that. Join The Down Market on an epic journey to power a new media that reflects San Antonio and the surrounding cities of Austin, Houston, and Dallas’ true diversity. As our country’s demographics shift, we also need to change the way we talk about ourselves.

The Down Market project is produced by Sundown United indie apparel brand.