Impact A Hero: A Short Documentary // The Community Driven Finale

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Series Rundown: Short Documentaries

We define being community-driven as putting people first, “people” being whoever makes up your community. In the past few months, a very small team has been working non stop creating content focused on community organizations and nonprofits that are directly impact the communities they live and beyond. The series goes beyond what you know of celebrity endorsements or the current national emergency by talking to the foot soldiers who work with those in need every day. Follow The Down Market Community-Driven series and learn what it is to be impactful.

In our series finale, The Down Market Team headed out to the coastal views of Camp Aranzazu. To Document and support one of our favorite community organizations and non profits, Impact A Hero. For a whole year we have been following them as they in-rich the lives of U.S. Veterans and their families.

Impact A Hero provides immediate and ongoing support, in the form of opportunities and resources, for our severely wounded, post 9/11 combat veterans, their families, and caregivers.

They aim to highlight the exceptionalism of their service and sacrifice by impacting their lives that helps bridge the gap between injuries in combat and life with a purpose after combat and much more.

To Donate, Support, or Volunteer head to