Camp Aranzazu // The Culture + Creative


The Down Market Team headed out to the coastal views of Camp Aranazau.

Camp Aranzazu (pronounced Ah ran’ zah zoo) is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with chronic illnesses and special needs by providing unique camping, environmental education, and retreat experiences.

Since opening their doors in 2006, Camp Aranzazu has served more than 23,000 campers and their support staff.

We Spoke to Amelia Haslam (Camp Director) and Amanda Praet (Assistant Camp Director) on leadership and working as a team to create an experience for campers that they may be able to leave behind the stresses of their physical, medical, and emotional challenges, and spend time outdoors, socializing and interacting with others who face similar challenges. The Down Market: It’s A Digital Magazine The Culture + Creative project is produced by Sundown United indie apparel brand. A guide through the modern culture of the creative. news, articles and digital media showcasing the creative wealth of collaboration, experience, and community in San Antonio, Texas.