Chance by Phillip Wolf: The Unofficial Official Music Video by The Down Market


Phillip Wolf continues surging onto the scene, dropping a series of stimulating music videos, consistently providing local support on touring acts through his hometown and his new home Las Vegas, and providing appearances in community series such as “The Common Stream” by The Down Market. Now on a Journey to SXSW2019 music showcase, The combination of milestones helped prove that the young artist could be diverse, and it also to pave the way for his debut 16 track album, “Undervalued Attention.” Phillip is our homie and “Chance” is one of our favorite songs. We wanted to create something to tell him we are proud of him and to continue to press forward, representing all the great creatives in SATX and beyond.  Here is our Unofficial Official Music Video of Chance.

Artist Dance and Performance by Chrystal Frost // Professional stage actress and dancer

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