Hard Pills: It’s Not As Easy As A B C // OP-ED.


y name is Denise Hernández, and I am a fifth-generation product of San Antonio whoDown Look Profile 2018 - 2019 hails from the Westside. I am an activist, an educator, a writer, a community advocate, and a content creator on TejanaThings.com. In 2016, I presented a TEDx talk about implicit biases and how to understand them to transform our communities. I speak and teach locally and statewide about various topics like voting rights, understanding our political climate, social media to build movements and organize, and leadership.

My conclusion: 
City Elections // Propositions A B C
Discussing these props have been very contentious & interesting, to say the least. The past few years I’ve learned that politics are tricky – nothing is ever all good or all bad. A few years ago I was very adamant about a candidate that reflected all my beliefs. I’ve learned that person probably doesn’t exist, the same way I’ve learned my idea of perfect policies won’t exist until we create them. In my opinion, the props aren’t right for any community in San Anto. They are a ploy by a frustrated group of folks using our angst against us. I think, in many ways, for many people, they’re a possible solution to issues with a local government that has largely ignored & taken advantage of the most vulnerable & marginalized. The truth is they aren’t. We can & must do better. Vote NO, & then let us organize for a better San Antonio that serves all of us.