Maybe She’s Born With It


By Fashion & Beauty Editor: Alicia Artista 


Down Look Profile 2018 - 2019nother New York Fashion week has come and gone and if you think that exclusive shows that you are not invited to are the only thing going on in NYC…I am here to tell you otherwise. There is a multitude of things to do that are Fashion Week-esque and will satisfy your need for inclusion. So put on your fluffy coat and green patent leather Mui Mui’s and listen up.


It takes a bit of stalking but now with super social fashion/beauty companies, it just takes a little recon to find the events you crave.

The truth is I had been on standby to help backstage doing hair/makeup for some b rated fashion (hey, I’m just being honest) and at the last minute, they decided I was not needed. I decided to make my way into the city and crash a few parties and events. I did find a long list of beauty and blogger events that interested me but they were sold out! But guess what- I got into every single one of them anyway. Here is the recount of my first day: MAYBELLINE NEW YORK – The City Mini Pallettes Launch

It was a dreary and rainy day in the city. I commuted early and dressed up to the nines. I brought my camera, iPhone and raincoat (in case I had to stand outside but still look cute). It was early, no line…nothing going on. There was a bouncer- type standing at the large double doors. As I approached the two young women holding ipads, they had a look of relief when they saw me coming. Having planned events myself, I know that look. It is the look of, “Thank God!, people are starting to show up!”
I was completely transparent with these two lovelies. I made eye contact and asked them how they were doing. I also preceded to tell them I was a little too late for the RSVP but would I be able to get in since it was early.
The beauty angel let me in and I had a wonderful time sipping on fresh juices, getting my makeup done by some Instagram famous artists that were flown in and even got a customized bag to boot. Maybelline artists also color matched my foundation and I was able to fill my new bag with free Maybelline goodies from their new city mini palletes collection! The moral of the story is, to be honest, show up early, be kind and use your manners and above all, ask. The worse someone could say is no. For more events from NYFW 2018 visit Alicia on her blog

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