My Year At The Cellars @ The Pearl

By Fashion & Beauty Editor: Alicia ADown Look Profile 2018 - 2019rtista

Photography by: Josh Huskin


ome people buy shoes and purses that equal to rent payments. Others have cars as their vice. Me. I love a good luxury, living space. Nothing reminds me of how hard I work and how that work pays in dividends than coming home to a posh, beautifully decorated home. To each their own though.

Four years ago I divorced and sold my home in suburbia to join the downtown, urban movement in San Antonio. More than a year before that, I took a huge risk and moved my 900 square foot salon to a 3400 square foot New York-esque space complete with the renovation projects that go with it. (Insert head jam here) I journeyed to the “no man’s land” part of downtown San Antonio. If you don’t know where this is specifically, it was the mile lined with abandoned buildings and parking lots on Broadway between The Pearl and downtown. In short, The preemptive move paid off. In the mix of the highs and lows of moving to uncharted territory, I fell in love with my city.

I was welcomed by the community. Specifically, SAMA and events such as Luminaria and Siclovia, have given the salon opportunities to be front and center in front of thousands of people. I’ve even gotten a visit from San Antonio’s legendary catering sweetheart, Rosemary Kowalski. It has been extremely gratifying to contribute and be a part of this rebirth of our ever-expanding city.
So one part life change and one part business move made me explore downtown living and I will never go back to living on the north side of San Antonio again.

My tour de living has included the penthouse suite at The Vistana, The Can Plant and finally Cellars at Pearl. I would have shamelessly kept moving if it were not for my kids and the mere fact that I’m tired of moving. The truth is, There are so many fascinating and even historical places to live in downtown SA.

My year at Cellars has by far been an incredible season in my life but I am practical after all, as is my fiancée and so alas we decided to buy a home in Alamo heights together instead of resigning at Cellars at Pearl.

Before moving out I decided to have my friend and colleague document the space and feel of this upscale apartment living experience. If anything to put out into the digital universe that San Antonio is changing. San Antonio can and is a place that stands solidly next to other metropolitan cities and is paving a new path worthy of the flattery of imitation.

So here are some lifestyle photos captured by none other than my fellow neighbor and incredibly talented photographer, Josh Huskin.

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