Hard Pills: It’s A Political & Netroot Series // Episode 1 -Its Not As Easy as A B C.



y name is Denise Hernández, and I am a fifth-generation product of San Antonio whoDown Look Profile 2018 - 2019 hails from the Westside. I am an activist, an educator, a writer, a community advocate, and a content creator on TejanaThings.com. In 2016, I presented a TEDx talk about implicit biases and how to understand them to transform our communities. I speak and teach locally and statewide about various topics like voting rights, understanding our political climate, social media to build movements and organize, and leadership.

In this first series of videos, I hope to share some information with my beloved San Antonio community so we can all be informed voters. There is nothing else like people power, especially when we are empowered by the truth. These propositions are difficult to condense and share with voters in a quick and honest way. Hopefully, we’ve tackled this topic while making it a little bit fun. Please make sure you go out and vote!

With this continued series I hope to start conversations, learn from all of you, and share what I’ve learned so we can build a better, more informed community together. This collaboration with the Down Market is a couple years in the making, but all great things take time and the right moment. Thank you to the entire team who helped me bring this vision to reality.