2018 SXSW CHRONICLES: G Flip + Sony + Khalid + Wyclef Jean // DAY 7


eather warming up, decent sleep grabbed, the Domination Team enters into Day 7 for unofficial day shows of SXSW. At Mohawk, rocking dirty clothes if any at all, Andrew WK and his band turned all the way up with his party rock style, hair flying, heads banging, bodies jumping, all both on stage and in the crowd.

Next, at Mohawk, an oddly assembled band called Superorganism rolled out in robes ringing small bells, like the opening ritual of your favorite cult. Along with the usual band elements, the group had 3 backup singers dancing and rocking tassels on their tambourines, while the lead singer, a very petite girl of Asian descent, sang, cursed, and joked around. Music quality aside, Superorganisms effort at showmanship, weird as it may be, made it hard not to watch.  The final act the Domination Team caught at Mohawk in the afternoon was G Flip, an unassuming artist from Australia. I say unassuming because I surely did not assume she would put on such a good performance not just from singing but singing while playing not just guitar but the drums as well.


Next, the Domination Team took another stab at day 2 of SXSW Fader Fort. Unfortunately, image_uploaded_from_ios (21)Fader announced they would no longer be distributing wristbands, even if one already has an RSVP. This lead to panic amongst SXSW attendees, but not the domination team, who either already had wristbands or were confident they could find a way inside (which they did). Near Fader, the Domination Team checked out FEM/Volcom Garden house, who had drinks and bands performing, like Chai, a refreshing international group from Taiwan.



The surprising event of the day, however, was Shea Moisture’s popup event at an event space in the Hilton hotel.  In addition to showcasing their products, panels, and even having a market to buy products, the event also had light appetizers and an open bar. With DJ Kay Cali spinning groovy fire, the crowd energy hit a threshold that had everyone suddenly dancing, from traditional electric slides and wobbles to even a solo performance by an attendee of the entire dance routine of New Edition’s “If it isn’t love”. Shea had one of the coolest, chilliest, low key lit vibes of SXSW 2018 and needless to say, the Domination Team made the 3-day event a staple of their schedule.

Culture Collide events in the Rainey Street district encompasses several venues in the area, with sponsors running different venues like Showtime, Twix, Snickers, Doc Marten’s and more.  The Domination Team briefly stopped by and caught a show by R&B songstress, Tinashe to close out the day shows.

Night Time.

The Domination Team started the night heavily hopping around from show to show. Rapper/Producer Torae hosted a series of show’s at Buffalo Billiards, and the Domination team caught a quick set from up and coming rapper, Shope. DAVIE, a soul singer, and dancer was an opening act for a venue at St. David’s church in downtown Austin; DAVIE was a fitting sound for the faith-based venue.

Next was Sony’s Lost in Music experience and showcase located in an unused warehouse on Cesar Chavez in downtown Austin. Sony had users walk through a 500+ speaker hallway for a short art light show; it was a cool experience but very short and caused the line into the venue to move incredibly slow, making attendees miss actual performances, unfortunately.  A.Chal, Tinashe, and Khalid all performed at Sony Music. Tinashe’s sexy pop performance made it hard to pay attention to the music instead of just her and her dancers. Khalid closed out Sony’s event with smooth R&B performance; however, for a performance that relied heavily on the quality of vocals, the poor sound quality in the Sony venue put a damper on the experience.


Action Bronson took the stage at Bangers around midnight. His show was as you expect; hype and hilarity! At one point, Action Bronson even stopped the whole show to autograph a pair of his books brought by fans in the crowd raising them up during songs.

Bringing home the night for the Domination Team was Wyclef Jean &Friends for an event co-sponsored by a local radio station (95.9 R&B).  Wyclef is not shy about telling you that he’s a top shelf talented musician, complete with braggadocios name drops. Fortunately, he’s not wrong. Telling stories between songs, bringing other artists on stage (Jazzy Amra, Mora Mack) to sing his songs in multiple languages, playing a variety of instruments including a guitar from behind his head, Wyclef made the Domination Team forget how bad their feet hurt past the 1-week mark of being at SXSW.

Wyclef, Jazzy Amra, Mora Mack crush it in this remix of his song 911:


The Night ended well before 2am for most of the Domination Team due to last minute cancellations from YFN Lucci and Willow Smith (her brother Jaden, canceled earlier in the week for an SXSW show too).  Sure, the Domination Team was disappointed, but the silver lining was bonus sleep time, sorely needed after a week and counting of SXSW.