2018 SXSW CHRONICLES: Fader Fort + Media Temple + Miguel // DAY 5


ader Fort is none of the best, and certainly most popular, events at SXSW every, and every year people wonder if it’ll be the last. Day 5 kicks off by solidifying 2017 wasn’t Fader’s last year: The Fader wristband pickup popup is announced and opened. Unfortunately, their computers crashed and they could only do check-ins on a single computer manually, so now their traditionally atrocious long lines now became atrociously slow moving.  Some of the Domination Team endured the wait since they were already there.


Day 5 of SXSW is the first full day of the musical festival of SXSW. The Domination team skipped out on conference sessions this first day to focus on music and day parties.  The next move after Fader was the Tinder dating app popup in east Austin. Donuts and coffee were served over a good lite HipHop and R&B. The walls were decorated with excerpts of creative tinder user profile bios.

Pandora had they’re traditional, well set up and organized location at Gatsbys on 6th street. The day bands at Pandora are usually not well known… YET. The Domination Team caught a few shows, including Elle Duhey and Duckwrth. Elle is an R&B songstress that can go acoustic guitar herself, mashing up her own original songs with covers.  Duckwrth again rocked the show and continues to be the most buzz-worthy artist at SXSW.

The Domination Team met up together to knock back a few drinks and bites at a team’s 2018 favorite event, Vevo popup, late afternoon to early evening, before all the big shows of the night.  Liquid courage knocked back, alcohol-absorbing food consumed, and shoes laced up tight, the Domination Team heads hits the night events of SXSW.
Tinder’s show at Mohawk with Jhene Aiko and Miguel is the hot show of the night everyone is trying to see, with nearly a thousand people in line for a venue that does not 20180313_211048hold near a thousand people. Not a problem team, as either they have SXSW badges, wristbands or just finesse their way in. The crowd in the Tinder has been primed well by Tinder’s open bar of specially made theme cocktails for their event. When Jhene Aiko finally hits the stage, the crowd shows all the love and Jhene returns it back by putting on another phenomenal SXSW experience with her silky voice accompanied by her harpist. Yes, harpist! Miguel took to the stage after and closed it out strong, or at least, certainly every woman in the place thought so.
The SXSW interactive closing party put on by Media Temple at Stubb’s was also a top-notch lineup, with famed DJ/Producer Steve Aoki headlining. The high energy of Aoki with the inebriated’ness of the crowd was a perfect combination for all involved.
SoundCloud had a much smaller event at Native Hostel, but still with a strong performance by little-known rapper Rico Reckless and an open bar, the SoundCloud event was still a solid plan B for the night.
All shows for Day 5 ended shortly after midnight, leaving the Domination Team with what’s always a tough decision: stay home or stay out? Well, the Domination Tema rolls deep and therefore choosing BOTH is an option. The Team hit an event at Hotel Vand Zandt that had closing drinking for the rest of the night.