2018 SXSW CHRONICLES: The Jedi + Choose ATL + Shakey Graves // DAY 4


unday’s cold front continued to batter SXSW on Monday, Day 4. The Domination Team was still out there early, standing in line 2 hours in the cold morning for the documentary film “The Director and The Jedi”. They followed the making of the Last Jedi. It’s worth a watch if you’re even a slightly above average star wars fan or aspiring a career in film. After the movie, Q&A w/Rian Johnson (director), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and producers was the glutinous icing on top of The Domination Team’s star wars cake. They ate that cake too.



Next session up were remarks and an interview with London mayor Sadiq Khan. His soliloquy of remarks felt more like general platitudes and obvious, noninsightful statements, not to mention the delivery was monotone and uninspiring. However, Khan loosened up and delivered some insightful answers and ideas while guided by Huffington Post’s Lydia Polgreen interviewing of the mayor.

A Few Highlights:

-The only way to counter negative populism is to counter the roots that drive people to this ideology.

-Tech companies must police themselves to be better citizens in our global democracy, otherwise, governments will be pressured to enact legislation, potentially draconian laws that stifle the tech industry.


The final session of the day concluded at Choose ATL’s panel interview by streaming service Thea of the producers of Mascot. The discussion centered around using streaming services like Thea to help produce movies/shows and ultimately promote/distribute them. A good idea takeaway was over documentaries of the filmmaking process, as they archive the creative process for fans and for one’s legacy.


The Domination Day Party team started off hitting Fast Company Grill for their last day of panels over excellent complimentary food and drink, before settling it at Media Temple’s popup at Rustic Tap for more drinks, food, and live music.



Night Time.

The Domination Team settled in on Choose ATL’s event at Maggie Mae’s. Open bar with panels and interviews of Atlanta entrepreneurs and entertainers, including rapper T.I. Unfortunately, Choose ATL cleared out their venue to prepare for their night music showcases which feature T.I. headlining. Still, nearly all the Domination Team manage to re-enter as general admission or VIP/media. For their music showcase, Atlanta being Atlanta, crushed it with T.I. and his crew’s performances.



The Domination Team also hit the Capital One House at Antone’s for a headlining show by Austin’s own Shakey Graves. With such a heavy hometown crowd present, Shakey Graves could have probably just sat down on the stage and drank beer the whole time to nothing but raucous applause and shouting… but he didn’t, and instead let the stage hold his beer and then rocked the hell out of that historic music venue!



The last event covered by the Domination Team was Meow Wolf’s showcase with latina rapper headliner Amara La Negra, famous also from Love and HipHop in Miami. High energy with a strong Latin flavor, with half the show being in Spanish. But language barriers aside, she pulled a sizable crowd at Empire’s outdoor stage with big hair, flashy clothes and dancing for days.