Shadow_Boxer Project: Visuals

West side. San Antonio. The Down Market as a team has finally moved into our new creative studio, The Parish. The Parish, a modernized multi-use art and creative space is among the newest additions to the San Antonio creative community.

​The building known as The Parish is a beautiful, re-purposed church originally home to a Spanish-Moorish style 2 story home constructed by William J. Edgar in 1911 and later, in 1951 was partially leveled and turned into the “Mexican Lutheran Church” seen today after many changes in the early sixties and seventies.

​With a fully renovated interior to include 12 multi-use studios, The Parish boasts many of San Antonio’s top creatives, giving the San Antonio creative industry yet another amazing facility to call home. Now that the actual dust has settled from all the construction, the natural thing for us to do was to start creating and building a new foundation with our new community. Our first project is a trans-media showcase called Shadow_ Boxer. A project that allowed us to utilize our new talented members , Dennis Sullivan (lead photographer) and Madeline Ritter (photojournalist and writer) and different creative mediums. Our Location shoot was with our new neighbor The Advocates Boxing Youth Program

Jason Mata is Program Director of The Advocates -Boxing Youth Program. Jason Mata is passionate about helping young people.”I do it because I want to change lives and I want to improve this community. I see it in all the kids here.”


Between an outdoor boxing ring and a small gymnasium building, Mata is encouraging a group of young people as they go through a series of exercises, that will help them learn discipline and find confidence. image000000 (1)

With the help of Kyle Confehr (Down Market Graphic Designer) we created some epic visuals for our first Photo Meet up as a team, we simply call this series The Visuals by The Down Market Team, lead by Dennis Sullivan.














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