The Culture + Creative: Cassidy Fritts


he Culture + Creative series season 3, We decided to adventure out to speak to talented, up and coming women artists and entrepreneurs in San Antonio, who are placing their mark in the growing city of San Antonio. Episode 1 we meet Cassidy Fritts, a fine arts grad from  the University of Incarnate Word, who’s focused work is paint and mixed media.


Throughout the interview, Ms. Fritts shared her travels and the people she has met and how its shaped her art and further her work with a local nonprofit in San Antonio as an teacher/instructor in art education at SAY Si. SAY Si (San Antonio Youth Yes), is a year round, long-term, tuition-free creative youth development program that provides students in San Antonio opportunities to develop artistic and social skills in preparation for higher educational advancement and professional careers. The Down Market x Sundown United team sit down with Cassidy was a fun and inspirational ride on how art is trans-formative and should be an accessible for the common good for future generations in San Antonio, Texas.

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