The Down Market X Odyssey


Odyssey announces Original Episodic “TV” Channel on Places.Travel for Tourism Audiences

[Re post by Odyssey Story Works] DALLAS, January 2, 2018 /PRWeb/ — Odyssey, the story studio, announced today the launch of CHANNELS BY PLACES.TRAVEL, a digital broadcast network for original travel and tourism series and film programming.Channels.Places.Travel

Channels joins the popular Places.Travel, a digital travel magazine launched in early 2017 that exploded in popularity with Millennial and GEN Z travelers.

“Hulu and Netflix opened the doors for the democratization of TV and today episodic programming produced by pioneers like AwesomenessTV and dominate young audience segments viewership.” said Ryan Thompson, CEO of Odyssey and publisher of Places.Travel. “And we’re just getting started. Cisco predicts 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2019. (source: Cisco). We intend to be a big part of this movement.”

Channels delivers hyper-local educational entertainment through short-form episodic series. Launch partners include The Down, a hyper-localized roaming city guide and The Down Market, a series featuring San Antonio’s deeply cultural urban core.

An excerpt from a recent episode on San Antonio includes: “The whole country is on drugs. The whole country.” Those words by artist Franco Modini-Ruiz open an episode of The Down Market. Modini-Ruiz explains that everyone has their poison– whether that’s tea or pharmaceuticals. The episode continues with Modin-Ruiz’s ruminations on art, culture and social values in San Antonio. He paints bright, impressionistic paintings throughout the entire interview, creating quick works with thick globs of paint that capture a feeling or a fleeting emotion. The episode is just one of many showcasing intimate vignettes of travel and tourism related topics.

Syndication discussions are in progress with series producers to fill out Places.Travel programming slate including channels such as Live Local, Offgrid, Adventurer, Castaways, It’s Rooted and Subtle Eats.


Episodes will be delivered with an average length of 6–12 minutes and will follow linear and non-linear formats, delivering story arcs through the course of a season. Content will be focused on hyper-local topics, delivering content known only by locals. Branded partner content and sponsorships allow Channels to be free forever to consumers.

Learn more about Channels by visiting Channels.Places.Travel.