Reginald Campbell: Creative Support!


eginald Campbell is a photographer in San Antonio, a creative, a husband and friend respected by many. He was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia on Easter. In and out of the hospital for the past 7 months he has just started chemotherapy and is unable to work. His wife just started a new job, and thus has no paid time off to visit him at the hospital where he needs her the most. He is unable to interact with his young daughter due to severe risk of infection. With a mortgage, family to support, daycare, car note, bills and piling medical expenses, his wife and family are under tremendous burden.

This is where the community of creatives in San Antonio came out to support
Photographers: Josh Huskin, Daniela Riojas, Jennifer Crowder, Jorge F Tamez, Lucero Salinas, Lexi Murzea, Don Hopkins and Natalia Sun teamed up to volunteer their time to kick cancer’s ass. The collective of photographers created Head-shots for charity and the city responded. The Charity Project raised $2500 dollars to help a hand to Reginald and his family. We were honored to participate in such a great cause and a great creative.