2017 SXSW CHRONICLES: D.R.A.M. + J-POP vs K-POP + Prince Tribute // DAY 8


rission, a word of French origin that that used to define a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill. Some of the best live performances elicit frission; I experienced three of moments of frission on the night of SXSW day 8.

DAYTIME The Domination Team starts of the day with the usual panels, presentations, complimentary tacos/food and drinks. One of the local papers, Austin Chronicle, held a brunch party several dominator attended. Frontgate tickets and Comedy Central’s annual Kegs and Eggs rounded out the list of brunch events for the #domteam. A few even went for another round of IV treatmenr for to shake off the hangover and make room for more alcohol.

I started my day off at Fader Fort, downsized, without food, but otherwise the same general setup. Indoor art and tech display with a DJ spinning, and an outdoor stage with various swag/contests.

Fader during day to look around, drink, enter contests, and make #domteam swag. It was at Fader where I began to recognize SXSW fashion trends: denim above the waste and knee high socks or boots to showcase legs. Denim jackets, denim hats, denim overalls, denim shoes, denim shirts, all denim all day. Some women even double dipped and rocked denim jackets WITH high socks.

YouTube during the day had performances from Maggie Rogers and Chloe x Holle that the #domteam enjoyed over complimentary food and drinks. Chloe x Holle also performed a few miles outside downtown at Urban Outfitters event space (Space 24) at their store next to The University of Texas at Austin. I hit the French Litigation Museum to see SURVIVE, the award winning band that scored the Netflix original show “Stranger Things”. Their music was just like the score, relaxing and trippy, so I took the time to lie down in the enormous yard of the venue, close my eyes, and recharge in the shade listening to their performance.

Rounding out the day complimentary drinking parties was the U.N.C.L.E. party at Speakeasy and the Facebook party at their downtown office’s garage. The U.N.C.L.E party was the place to be, since the Facebook party was an unorganized trainwreck to get in.

I rounded out the daytime hours seeing the young rock band Hippo Campus absolutely rock it out for the Twix sponsored show at Bar 96.


The night time had many of the Domination Team focused on YouTube house for a trap music night with LiL Yachty, LiL Boat, and Migos. The show was “all the way turned up”, as the kids say. The Domination Team took several snaps from their position backstage in VIP they slipped in for.

Apple Festival had members of the #domteam reporting an angelic but somewhat dull performance by Lana del Rey, which was more recital than show. It ended early enough for then to find other headliners to see.

Lana Del Rey at Apple Music

Universal Music had a lineup at Antone’s nightclub featuring LiL Yachty, Denzel Curry and Metro Boomin for a sold out, at capacity show. The hosting state of Texas had a lineup at Ironwood hosted by LiL Flip and featured Young Ma and then Twista doing a set of of hits. A few of the #domteam caught Major Lazer’s reggae set when he goes by the name of Walshy Fire.


I hit a series of shows, starting with RiRi, an R&B singer with a incredibly powerful voice, who performed a standing ovation set at Elysium for the Japanese Pop night (J-Pop). RiRi was frission moment #1.

I then biked on B Cycle a half mile to Bar 96 on Rainey St. to see Hayley Kiyoko, a pop singer along the lines Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, that rocked the crowd with her high energy, crowd connection with conversation, and music talent on the keys, drums, and of course, as a singer.

20170317_210823 (1)

After the pop music, I biked nearly a mile to Auditorium Shores to catch the last half of the Prince Tribute show lead by Wyclef Jean and Prince’s band The Revolution. Most importantly, I caught a full rendition of Purple Rain with thousands of fans and the beautiful backdrop of Lady Bird Lake and the city of Austin. Purple Rain in such a beautiful setting was definitely frission moment #2. Wyclef even spit a freestyle rap in Spanish after playing the guitar behind his head.


I then biked to see Maggie Rogers, Gary Clark Jr. and Weezer, but both were at capacity by the time I came by. However, my plan B ended up being a mega win as I hit K-pop night (Korean Pop) at the Belmont for Yoonmirae. She is a Korean rapper that gave a barn burner performance, crowd hyped to 10. I had only heard 1 song of hers a few times and didn’t expect such a lively performance. Such high energy from Yoonmirae and her crowd giving as much back together was frission moment #3. What a night!


To close out the night, I biked another mile back to Rainey St. to hit Bangers for D.R.A.M.’s closing show. I’ve seen D.R.A.M a few times prior (random concert and SXSW 2016), and his show is always entertaining, great positive vibes, with laughs and constant crowd engagement. Such a happy go luck show was the perfect finish to night at 130am, so I threw in the towel and headed home.


Yet, the night didn’t end for the Domination Team. A secret after hours party at the Vault in downtown Austin called a Beers and Tacos started a 1am with food and drink along with a performance by T.I. very late into the night. Many of the #domteam dint get home until 5 in the morning.

TI at Beers and Tacos after party

SXSWing from sunrise to sunrise is truly Dominating. #domteam. Last day of SXSW is on deck…