ay 5 of SXSW Coverage. It’s Pi day at SXSW! Tuesday, 3/14 is the start of the SXSW music festival and the last day for Interactive, while Film continues pushing through and overlapping both. During SXSW music, the daytime happy hours and socials put on by marketing departments for various companies are now switched out with companies and record labels putting out day shows of artist performances while SXSW continues to rule the night with their official shows (although unofficial shows persist through the night too!

Conference wise, The Domination Team had a few people attend the Buzz Aldrin session covering space travel and the colonization of Mars. Buzz Aldrin received standing ovations from the crowd for his work and continued efforts in human space exploration!

Pandora, The NXT Generation Takeover, and Lagunitas, and Mazda/SPIN/Vibe house were the major daytime events happening Tuesday. Although long lines persisted at every one of these events, The Domination Team still managed to have people at every event!

The daytime for myself saw me at the WTF showcase at the historic and legendary Continental Club to see 2 time Grammy award winning artist Timothy Bloom. Timothy put on a fantastic set, switching genres between soul, blues, rock and R&B. The best part was his crowd engagement, constantly talking to the crowd, cracking jokes with them, dancing with them, and at one point, taking the time to hug ALL 50+ people in the small venue!

After his show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Timothy Bloom as part of The Feedbak Podcast (www.thefeedbak.com), where he delved into his origins as a musician, why inspires him to make music, and the driving creed behind his performances: Giving love and energy back to the crowd. Listen to the full interview at www.thefeedbak.com/130 ! (although give us a day or two to edit and get it up!)


After Timothy Bloom, The Feedbak Podcast team (myself, Byron, and Bak, also part of the Domination Team), headed to Esther’s Follies for the “You Know What Dude” comedy podcast. The live podcast is part of the growing comedy track at SXSW. This show featured host Robert Kelly, comedians Al Madrigal, Roch Voss, Liza Treyger and more. It was hilarious, from bringing a high school sophomore on stage to do his school announcements to playing the role of Shark Tank with a group from a startup company selling swap-able zipper hat brims. Laughter is indeed, soup for the soul!

Meanwhile, the night descended on SXSW and members of the Domination Team started to plot their night plans, while buzzing up on drinks at WeWork and a few other Happy Hour events. The night events on the Domination Team docket were:

• #AmplifyPhilly with Good Girl, Bilal, and more with The Districts headlining.
• Takeover Party with Ugly God headlining
• 96.3 RnB with Redman, The Pharcyde, Chorizo Funk and Maseo of De La Soul and special guest Talib Kweli
• Mazda/SPIN/Vibe with Sleigh Bells headlining
• Pandora with T.I. headlining
• WeDC with Erykah Badu, Thievery Corporation, and Wu-Tang headlining.
IMG-934340983The most anticipated event of the night was WeDC’s show with Wu-Tang for their 20th anniversary reunion tour. As is always the case, not every member of Wu-Tang was present, Method Man and Ghostface Killah were missing, but no fault to WeDC, as Wu-Tang always builds into their contract the expectatin that members will be missing. Even still, the show was completely LIT with the crowd jumping and singing along for most of the show and even a special appearance by Redman for a few songs. Most notable was a beautiful moment when Wu-Tang had everyone raise their cell phones with the Flash on and then gave an uplifting speech about looking after one’s fellow man, with a specific shout out to caring for refugees of war (particularly Syria).


One final fun note of SXSW: How to throw panties to the stage. A girl next to me at the WuTang concert manage to take off her panties while standing next to me, then proceed to write her number on them, and then later through them to the stage when Wu-Tang and Redman came out using the marking for weight and distance. Professionals!

Day 5 of SXSW is in the books.

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