Pinch Crawfish Kitchen


months into starting up our little social experiment of bringing community news focused on the culture and creative social class in San Antonio, The Down Market Crew was in talks with Dorcol Distilling Company to help create a new eat + meet social (mixer) called the Crepe Social that infused beer and crepes in a delectable pairing. Our meeting lead to a lot of great ideas and excitement with the local community. With our meeting done and as we headed out the doors of the South Town brandy distillery, we ran into something even more genius, from two guys cooking up something that filled the air with spices and joy. With a simple invitation, “Hey guys we are boiling up some Vietnamese crawfish, want to try some!?” This was the beginning of what we knew would be a great article in to PINCH Crawfish Kitchen, Andrew Ho and Sean Wen’s story and their community style Vietnamese crawfish boil Pop Ups!


We ran into the dynamic duo Craylor Swift and Prawn Solo (aka) Sean and Andrew of  PINCH Crawfish Kitchen  again at another event celebrating The Keep SA Real‘s Cinco de Mayo “Music for Advanced Listeners” and had a chance to really dive into their amazing food which takes a Vietnamese flare to a classic Southwest staple, in crawfish. Their crawfish experience begins with a multi-step cooking process to ensure that each and every batch of their crawfish is soaked in flavor. “We take traditional crawfish elements and spice it up with Asian-inspired ingredients — such as fresh chopped garlic, green onions, and hand squeezed citrus fruits. We top it off with a pinch of our secret medley of spices. The fresh crawfish is served with a side of juicy Andouille sausage, sweet corn, and spicy red potatoes — all tossed and drenched in our mouthwatering garlic butter sauce.” (Pinch Crawfish Kitchen on Indiegogo)

Since then, PINCH Crawfish Kitchen has been making appearances at all your favorite downtown spots in San Antonio from Dignowity Meats, Burleson Yard Beer Garden, Estate Coffee + Oak & Salt, plating crawfish by the pound and creating other variations of shrimp and lobster boils and selling out every time!


“The city has already been extremely supportive of the venture, and serves as the perfect backdrop for an eat-among-friends concept. Too often, a lot of people compare ourselves to Austin, but what’s beautiful about San Antonio is that I don’t think it has to. It’s creating its own identity as it goes, and that should be celebrated. Culturally speaking, a crawfish boil is about family, and that’s one sentiment San Antonio’s got down” (Pinch Crawfish Kitchen in Keep SA Real interview )


During the summer we sat down with Sean and Andrew and really got to get the full story about their passion to bring something new and very familiar to San Antonio, which is excellent food, good vibes, and community as a part of our Culture + Creative Series in episode 6 of our season 2.

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