Dignowity Hill Farmer’s Market


arly in the year while filming at Local Sprout with Mitch Hagney for the first season of The Down Market’s Culture + Creative series Season 1, we started a conversation in regards to his new community on the east side of San Antonio, TX. called Dignowity Hill.

He told us about the need to support other local farmer’s markets in neighborhoods that need affordable pricing, sustainable food,and education of healthy living.


He told us about Michelle Greigo, founder of the Dignowity Hill Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market, in Lockwood Park, on 801 N. Olive at the basketball court, just a few blocks away from Mitch’s Local Sprout hub.

We got curious and looked up the farmer’s market online and were pleasantly surprised by the organization and well to do list of local vendors who have become stables of the market, diverse and truly unique, like Al-Hijazyat (Authentic Hijazy Cuisine).

Dignowity Hill Farmer’s Market’s mission is to bring fresh, local and affordable food options to the community while supporting local businesses. Michelle and her Husband are there first to help setup the main fresh food side as they help and escort other vendors set up underneath the basketball court in the middle of the park.

So, during the summer we packed up our equipment early in the morning and headed out. dignowity_thedownmarket_8The Sundown United crew was so excited (not really they wanted to kill Ja’el, so we took a detour to Local coffee at the Pearl, to get the blood going) and ventured our way to the east side to continue our series of the Culture + Creative series Season 2.

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