Taylor Tailleur


y name is Taylor, I’m originally from California but have lived almost a decade outside oftaylor_tailleur_thedownmarket the US and recently moved back. I work as an assistant for various professional photographers in San Antonio, and have been fortunate to learn from some of the best in what they do. I’m now starting to venture into my own projects and release some of my work, this is my first set.There’s no real style or vision to what I do, I’m not bent on creating one. I admire different styles, and want to learn from as many as possible. I always hear in the industry “everything’s already been done” and I think that’s very true, but not everything has been done from my perspective and that’s exciting. It’s not about copying, It’s knowing what you like and don’t like and making it your own.

I like the responsibility of being trusted with someone’s image, there’s something very intimate about it, and I value the chance to produce something tangible everyone can walk away with.

taylor_tailleur_thedownmarket-1I just want my photos to genuinely portray where I am at any given point in life. Right now I’m in my 20’s, so the subject of my work is what interests me at the moment. That could change when I’m 30 or 40, I think time will tell how my subjects evolve.