A Silent Chaos.


t first, I didn’t think this would be a good picture. It was a spur of the moment capture. I charliedeltres_thedownmarket_profiledidn’t really think a lot about it at the time but after months of just sitting at my computer, I found it and it really connected with me.

At the Rodeo & Fair, I watched as the bulls would be released from their pens and recaptured over and over again. I felt that’s how life is sometime. It’s this repetitive routine with little glimpses of freedom but at the end of each day you’re just sort of getting roped back in to do it all over again the next day. The bull that is pictured, there was a real sense of peace. A peace even even in the midst of all the commotion around him. When i walked by, he was the only one that was really just looking right at me, almost like he had taken notice of me in a very personal way.

Even though it was a quick photo, I really wanted to try and focus on the eyes, to get that sense of connection with the animal.

During post production, I removed most of the color because I wanted to take away all the distractions and emotions associated with the colors so you could just focus on the eyes and feel  this peaceful connection.

I feel like bulls are often portrayed as having all this anger and even rage inside them, that’s so easy to trigger as if a storm going on inside them. A stillness in the middle of everything going on and who knows what might have been stirring inside of him, was very compelling. In the midst of chaos, whether inside or out, we can still find peace.