Nia & Carlos:: Arcade


nia ilyssay name is Nia Ilyssa and I’m your local urban street model. No agency for the pure liberation and freedom that every true freelance artist speaks of at some point in their art careers. We like to have complete control over what and who we work with. Which brings me to my featured accomplice Carlos aka @CharlieDelTres. The Arcade wasn’t our first time doing a photo-shoot together or even our first time being kicked out of a location, but I’ll get to those details soon. Carlos and I first met over the ever so popular Instagram.

The shots from our first shoot together solidified the artistic chemistry in which we both felt on site. Everything was very easy going! Carlos worked the camera, and I worked myself. It was there that we came up with the idea to shoot at an arcade after he noticed the gaming machines. Preparing for the arcade shoot required some spot on styling by myself and a lookout on the scene. Carlos brought his brother along, Hector, who was great in helping me not get caught standing on top of the machines!


o doubt every shot was contested by an oncoming arcade employee. Fortunately we had no issues shooting the first outfit, but as most of us know, all great things must come to an end.
Only minutes into deciding to lay on top of the pool tables, out rushed a manager to tell us we weren’t allowed to take photos on the premises. She even told us we had to delete the pictures and Carlos said, “No!” Even I was a little shocked when he said that but I wasn’t going to leave my accomplice hanging dry. So we went on to make the manager call her superior, and well you guessed it, we got to keep the pictures. We did have to leave but not empty handed.
The urban street model strikes again! Carlos is one of my favorite photographers to shoot with! We are close in age, but his skill level supersedes him tremendously! I value his work, and know he’s my go to photographer out in the streets. After all, I wouldn’t have my street cred without him!