Pro tips for Blacks in the wake of the police shootings + the mass shootings In Dallas


ro tips for Blacks in the wake of the police shootings and the mass shootings in Dallas from me, your resident “Bridge Between Worlds”:

1) It’s OK to be shaken, distracted and lack focus for a few days. The pendulum of emotions is swinging to both extremes in just a few days. You’re not alone. Talk with others you can be vulnerable with, share a knowing nod, or even better, a hug.

2) Hold off on the lectures. Nobody is listening to any opposing sides at the moment. At best, people will ignore you until they have a moment to respond, at worst, you’ll turn potential allies to indifferents or even adversaries. Yes, you do have fucks to give about people, and the hardest time to give them is when they’re needed most… like now.

3) Give people clearly trying to relate the benefit of the doubt. Sure, now is not the best time; sure, they bungled up the approach, but recognize people’s heart being in the right place. Let them make it for the moment, don’t scorn a helping/empathetic hand in a moment of anguish, maybe just ignore it or give a short neutral response or thanks for now.

4) Stop watching the loop of videos, stop reading/engaging in the comment sections of hot, ignorant or hateful debates. Nobody is changing their mind today; everyone feels justified in their opinions at the moment. Restrain for now, take care of your mental/psyche; the past few days has been traumatic.

5) Try to limit blocking/unfriending people. People will say some ignorant things, yes but you may be the only voice of reason, the only diverging opinion that person has in their otherwise echo chamber of friends. Maybe try blocking their posts for awhile, and turning them back on when your mentally ready to engage and start dialogue on change.