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terrans mccarns‘ve admired Anjelika since her creation of Vierge magazine. It was right around the time I had began to pursue my passion for photography. She open doors for myself as well as many other artists in the local San Antonio area. I benefited by meeting new models, like minded artists, and observing fellow photographers work.

The first issue of Vierge was a great success and was another great leap for all who were involved. It opened opportunity for Anjelika herself by linking with other local magazines. When she approached me for a possible segment I was more than thrilled! I had work to submit but I had been wanting for quite some time to work with her so I figured there was no better time than now.  She agreed and we arranged a shoot. We were both nervous as we both respect each other highly as an artist.

Nevertheless we had a blast! I made my way out to Schertz, TX about 40 minutes from where I live and she greeted me with a grilled PB&J. I know it sounds weird but it was actually amazing. We shot at an abandoned drive-in theater not more than 5 minutes from her residence. It was a beautiful lactation that had rays of light subtly leaking through. Arguably one of my favorite locations were it not for the wasp infestation.



She found my caution towards the flying demons comical until she was stung! And then I was too at  nearly the exact same time. We were still able to complete our set and capture some stunning images.  When editing these images I found myself wanting to do something different and bold. I chose to let only the subtle light to accent her figure, allowing the shadows to dominate.  I also choose a punchy style of edit. Not my typical set, but one that I truly enjoyed and am quite pleased with the result! I loved working with her and look forward to doing so in the future.


I also greatly appreciate The Down Market for the opportunity and hope to continue to work with them and many others!

Sincerely, Terran McCarns  www.fourfivefilm.com

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