Amaya’s Cocina


he Culture + Creative series :: “capture the season” healthy. simplicity. community driven. seasonal and sustainable food for down town east side. The Brother Arciniega, David and Ruben, Native sons of the East Side, San Antonio invited our lens into their Latin flare of seasonal food at Amaya’s Cocina. The Sundown United crew sat down and ate with the brothers, eating their amazing fish tacos and butternut squash in abundance knowing it was going to be gone soon with the season. They took the time to speak to us about the history of the east side of San Antonio and their childhood at the little market that sold malt liqueur and cigarettes, that is now their healthy living restaurant. We gain knowledge about the food we eat everyday with Chef David on why you have to capture the season when placing whats best for you in to your body and the whole farm to table movement. This Is The East Side and its on the Rise.